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The Augustine Institute Catechist Certification program is an online, self-paced, engaging, and thorough Catholic catechesis.

The platform offers foundational and systematic content while benefitting from succinct and pastorally-minded presentation.
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  • Participants see over 80% completion rates and achieve certification within 6-8 months.
  • Enjoy the benefits of visibility of student or parish progress and completion, and ease of assessment and administration
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Deacon, Diocese of Seattle
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Knowing the Faith
Living the Faith
Catechetical Methods

The Journey

The Journey of Faith: Trinity, Faith, and God Who Is Love.

Divine Revelation

God Seeking Us and the Compass of our Lives.

The Bible

The Bible: God's Love Letter to Humanity


The Story of Salvation: Creation, Fall and Redemption
You Are Forgiven
Learn More
Dios te perdona
Learn More
First Communion
You Are Loved
Learn More
Dios te ama
Learn More
You Are Sent
Learn More
Beloved Bundle
Learn More
Finding Happiness in Marriage
Learn More
Living Marriage
Learn More
Amado Manojo
Learn More
El Misterio y el Significado del Matrimonio
Learn More
Viviendo el Matrimonio
Learn More
Symbolon Bundle
Learn More
Knowing the Faith
Learn More
Living the Faith
Learn More
La explicación de la fe Católica
Learn More
Conociendo la Fe
Learn More
Viviendo la Fe
Learn More

"I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for the short courses, which I just finished. They are all excellent—not surprisingly—in content and clarity and are perfectly paced.

I look forward to the upcoming releases. Well done!"

MICHAEL B - dallas, TX

"Professor Klein’s Short Course on God was the equivalent of taking a time machine back to study under the early Church Fathers. Absolutely captivating!

I now have a renewed understanding of Our Lord and the tools I need to answer questions from my peers. I would highly recommend this course to my friends and family."

KEVIN G - Denver, Co

"True to their mission of evangelization, the Augustine Institute has made it possible for anyone to enjoy the amazing teachers and content that graduate students experience there, but on a smaller scale that will fit into your schedule and daily life.

If you want to grow immensely in your faith, check out the new Short Courses!"

HOLLY K - Atlanta, GA

How do I sign up?

Just visit the course catalog, then select subscription or purchase individually! Start here.

Can I purchase just one course?

Yes, courses can be purchased one at a time for $59. Courses can be purchased here.

Can I buy the courses as a subscription?

A monthly subscription gives access to all current and future courses. The monthly subscription can be purchased here.

If I subscribe, can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel any time. For subscribers, you can continue to use the courses until the end of your billing period.

Who are these courses for?

Catechists; Catholic teachers; RCIA coordinators; DREs; youth ministers; students of the Catholic faith; clergy and religious; any Catholic who wants to grow in their faith.

How many courses come with subscription?

Currently you get twelve courses. New courses are added regularly.

How often are new courses added?

In general, one course will be added every month.

Is the tuition refundable?

We are certain you will be inspired and edified by this course. However, if you are not satisfied with the quality or course content, please contact customer service.

What is included in the course?

Although they vary slightly, each course includes six to eight lessons. Each lesson consists of the following: thirty minutes of video instruction (total three to four hours of instruction for the whole course); short “office hour” videos with the professor; a quiz; additional resources from modern Catholic sources (such as FORMED), academic sources, and from the rich heritage of the Catholic tradition (such as the writing of the saints). Some courses also include a companion book, which will be free for subscribers for the cost of shipping and handling.

What are the technical requirements?

The course will run on any device and any web browser. We do not support Roku or Apple TV.

Can I learn at my own pace?

Absolutely! All aspects of the course are easily self-guided so you can learn any time, any place.

Do I have to take the courses in a certain order?

No, although we do have a recommended order for our core courses. See order here.

Do I have to take all the courses?

No. However, if you want to earn any of our theology certificates, you will have to complete certain sets of courses. Our core theology certificate requires completion of the nine core theology courses.

Some recommended readings are not included with the course. How do I get them?

Some professors have recommended resources for deepening your understanding of the topic presented. These readings are completely optional, and the books referenced can be purchased from a book seller like Catholic.market or from their respective publishers.

How do I earn my certificate?

You can currently earn our core theology certificate by completing the videos and quizzes for our nine core theology courses. The total curriculum will be about thirty-two hours of video content. More certifications in specific areas will be available in 2021. See the curriculum worksheet here.

Will there be future courses or certificates?

Yes, we plan to add one course per month. Additional certifications that focus on one area or theological discipline in particular will be coming in 2021 (for example, a certification which focuses specifically on the Bible). Courses, however, will continue to be added monthly whether or not they are part of a certificate program upon their release.

Do I have to do the courses for a certificate, or can I take courses for personal enrichment?

You are under no obligation to complete a certificate or aim for a certificate—if you prefer to take courses at random or for your personal enrichment, please do so!

Do these courses count toward an MA degree in theology at the Augustine Institute?

No. These courses are completely separate from a master’s degree in theology from the Augustine Institute. For comparison: one single graduate course is about forty hours of instruction in addition to preparation and assignments.  

If you loved the Short Course program and are interested in pursuing a master’s degree, please reach out to our admissions team (admissions@augustineinstitute.org) or take a look at our website: https://www.augustineinstitute.org/graduate-school/.

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